As a result of Mr. Hunnicutt’s 35-year record of successful fund raising, our company has a broad knowledge of the US institutional marketplace and has established numerous long-term relationships with key institutional decision makers.

Our investor universe consists of corporate and public pensions, foundations, endowments, funds of funds, family offices, insurance companies and independent financial advisers located in North America and Europe. We have partnered with some of the highest-quality, most innovative alternative asset funds of the last 20 years. Several former clients are now multi-billion dollar funds and are recognized leaders in the industry.

Our business relationships and extensive knowledge of the institutional marketplace facilitate a targeted marketing strategy. By taking only a few projects a year, we are able to fully concentrate on each assignment. We focus on the specific market segments that best fit our fund manager's investment style, enabling us to achieve our fund-raising goals quickly and efficiently.  Working as exclusive placement agents, we emphasize the fund manager's strengths and customize the marketing strategy to highlight these strengths to achieve optimal results.

We seek unique and innovative funds. Our fund clients, for the most part, have been emerging funds that are interested in moving to the next level and need our skills and relationships developed over the past 25 years of marketing to institutional investors. Our client funds have included the following investment styles:

Convertible Arbitrage

Distressed Debt

Emerging Market Distressed Debt-China and SE Asia

Equity Market Neutral, Long/Short Equity-Greater China

Long/Short Equity-Europe

Private Equity-Europe

Sector Equity-Healthcare

Sector Equity-Technology

Short biased Long/Short Equity

US Long/Short Equity

Venture Capital-Biotechnology

Venture Capital-China